Well, the long-talked about rum revolution may not have happened but as we head towards the last quarter of the year, tis the season indeed for the traditional drink of pirates.

Rum, of course, comes in four styles: dark, golden, spiced and white and each one has taken a turn as a favourite of mine. I was introduced to dark rum in the Royal Navy and while the traditional tot had sensibly been given the heave ho when guided missile systems replaced cannons, we still got the barrel out for special occasions.

Golden rum is easier on the eye and they tend to be the rich, sweet demerara style that I adore. As with the dark rums, I find these best enjoyed on their own but if a shot of blackcurrant floats your boat, who am I to disagree?

Spiced rums are a relatively new experience for me, although I've probably had several mixed up in cocktails before, but they have rapidly become my favourite style. There are so many different ways to spice up a rum that it could take a pirate a lifetime to get through them all but, as a rule, I personally favour the ones heavy in cinnamon and vanilla. A good friend recently introduced me to spiced rum with coke (the drink, not the powder) and I was hooked, so do give that mix a go as the nights close in.

Finally we get to the odd one out: white rum, of which the most famous brand is Bacardi. With its soft, creamy finish, bacardi with a shot of coke, a couple of ice cubes and a slice of lemon has become my holiday flight drink of choice. Anyway, here's a couple of suggestions if you’re considering splicing the mainbrace this weekend. Pip pip

El Dorado 12 year old rum

One of my all-time favourites with vanilla, Christmas cake fruit, coffee and cocoa combining to create a complex and easy to enjoy fireside rum.

Waitrose £39.50

Jeffersons Rum

A rich demerara style with treacle, honey and a lovely toasty finish thanks to its barrel ageing. Possibly the oldest rum brand in the world and still among the best.

The Rum Story (online) £29.99

Gerard Richardson