I adore chocolate and it is my biggest vice. With a vegan diet growing in popularity we are constantly trying to come up with vegan alternatives for our dishes without compromising on flavour. Chocolate, raspberry and mint are a marriage made in heaven. The only downside of this dish is not eating the whole thing yourself.

Serves 6


Ganache -

450g Vegan chocolate

400ml boiling water

Granita – 6 hours freezing time

150g frozen raspberries

250ml water

10g sugar

Chocolate crumb –

50g sugar

45g ground almonds

400g flour

10g coco powder

50g vegan spread softened

Fresh mint

Fresh raspberries

Icing sugar


Pre heat oven to 180c/ gas mark 4

The granita will take around 6 hours to freeze. To prepare this bring the frozen raspberries to the boil with the sugar and water. Boil for around 2 minutes then let sit for around 15 minutes to infuse. Push this through a sieve into a small tray or tub suitable for freezing making sure all the raspberries are pushed through. Set this to freeze. After 45 minutes in the freezer fork the mixture and continue to freeze. Do this a few times until you are left with the red ice crystals.

In a mixing bowl combine all the dry ingredients for the crumb. Add the softened spread until mixed thoroughly. Roll the mixture out onto greaseproof paper into a thin square and bake for 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool then crumble into pieces. In a bag with a rolling pin is a good technique!

For the chocolate ganache have a large bowl of ice water ready. In another mixing bowl place in the chocolate and pour over the boiling water. Whisk the chocolate over the ice bath continuously until the mixture thickens. It might take some time but it will thicken. It’s that simple, chocolate whisked with water!

For the mint leaves cling film a plate, lie the mint leaves on the plate and cover the leaves with cling film. Place these in the microwave for 30 seconds, remove the cling film then microwave again for another 30 seconds. This time when you remove the leaves dust them with icing sugar.

Once you have all the above prepared you can build the dish. I have finished it here with fresh raspberries which are available in supermarkets all year round. Enjoy!