What is it?

A pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones with noise-cancelling technology.

Finding quality headphones can be tough but finding them at an affordable price is near impossible. Lindy's latest update to their BNX series proves it's possible.

Good Points?

Audio devices live and die by their sound quality and the BNX-100 produces a great mix of heavy bass, bright middle and sharp treble frequencies. The overall experience is enhanced by their noise cancelling abilities which shields the listener of external noise by 95 per cent.

Seamless wireless streaming is provided by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX codec which converts data to sound more efficiently thus eliminating lag and increasing the quality of the sound.

Additional features include a 15-hour battery life, twin pairing which allows two devices to be connected simultaneously, and Auto Pause which will stop and resume your music as you remove the headphones or put them back on.

You can also revert to a 3.5mm cabled connection for compatibility with older audio devices such as stereos and record players.

Bad points?

A longer headband with rigid arc caused some discomfort on my small head. Even on the tightest setting there was still a gap at the top that resulted in the cushions slipping down and being held up by my ears. I added an additional pad at the top to resolve the issue.

Best for ...

Those who want amazing sound with all the latest technologies without paying an arm and leg for it.

Avoid if ...

The only music you are subjected to are the garbled sounds coming from your partner in the shower, then you might just want ear plugs.

Score: 8/10.

Lindy BNX-100 headphones, £119.99 (lindy.co.uk)