What is it?

An entry-level wireless security camera from EZVIZ.

Good Points?

In keeping with other EZVIZ cameras I've reviewed, this latest model is simple to install and configure. The two-step process involves downloading the smartphone app and then inserting your WiFi credentials. The device's magnetic base allows you to be up and running within five minutes and without the need for manual tools.

The app provides access to all the camera's features including HD video capture, two-way chat, enhanced night vision and notification alerts. Most aspects can be adjusted to suit your needs including the type of push notifications you receive and movement detection areas.

An intelligent algorithm deciphers whether detected movement merits an alert and notification as regular patterns, such as moving hands on a clock, would result in a false positive and wasted time.

Integration for most smart-home technologies is included so you don't have to worry about purchasing a separate Amazon Echo or Google Home device for your cameras.

You can select to save video output to a microSD card and/or EZVIZ's online storage cloud. The latter gives added protection against file loss and archived data can be accessed from anywhere.

Bad points?

Being a budget model, the options are more basic, for example, HD instead of the 4K video output you would find on a fully featured high-end security camera.

Best for ...

Those seeking a quick, easy and cheap method to monitor your home or loved ones.

Avoid if ...

Your home lacks consistent WiFi signal strength as this device relies solely on a wireless connection.

Score: 8/10.

EZVIZ WiFi Indoor Smart Home Security Camera, from £39.99 (amazon.co.uk)