What is it?

A wireless camera to track the contents of your fridge helping to reduce food waste and save money.

A recent study found that the average UK family throws away 20 per cent of all the food they buy, costing up to £800 a year. To tackle this issue, the people at Smarter have created the FridgeCam which keeps a constant eye on the ever-evolving contents of your fridge.

Good Points?

Simple to set up and control, the camera offers a real-time view of your food storage appliances, so you never have to guess what ingredients you have or need. This can reduce the frustration of preparing meals by avoiding a last-minute dash to the shop.

The visual element of the system is nice, but the real intelligence comes from the inventory management feature which gives a detailed breakdown all stored food.

All items are catalogued by scanning them via the camera's barcode reader. The SmarterAssist app will then automatically update your inventory and notify you when it's up to date.

Having accurate information allows the SmarterAssist app to generate a relevant shopping list so you that don't overspend or miss an ingredient. The system even keeps track of use-by and best-before dates to provide an alert when something is approaching its expiration.

Bad points?

The usefulness of the system is based on accurate data which comes from manual scanning which could become tedious.

Best for ...

Those super organised households who don't mind the effort to save money and help the environment.

Avoid if ...

You loathe self-check-out systems at the best of times never mind having to do it at home.

Score: 9/10.

Smarter FridgeCam, £149.99 (smarter.am)