Pig & Pistachio Terrine

1 pig's head

1000g of sugar

20 sprigs of fresh thyme, roughly torn

1 bulb of garlic, roughly crushed

50g of grain mustard

150g chopped pistachio


• Blowtorch the face of the pig to remove any hairs

• Place sugar in a pan over a medium-high heat and allow to melt until a medium caramel forms

• Add thyme, crushed garlic and the pig's head.

• Add hot water which is enough to cover the pigs head

• Simmer gently for 4 hours or until soft and tender

• Use a large slotted spoon or set of strong tongs to remove the pigs head from the pan and allow to slightly cool

• While still warm, pick off all the meat, skin and fat and place into a large bowl

• Add the grain mustard and sea salt then beat with a wooden spoon until all the soft meat, fat and skin combine with the mustard then add chopped pistachio

• Line a 1 inch deep, non-stick tray with cling film. Then pour the mixture into the tray and cover with another layer of cling film

• Place another tray of the same size on top to press and set the mix

• Leave mixture in the fridge for 8 hours until firm

Parsnip Purée


• Peel and chop the parsnip finely

• Sweat in the butter over a medium heat

• Once soft, deglaze with the grapefruit juice and blend into a smooth purée

• Season to taste and set aside until required


• Slice the terrine into a 2cm thick rectangles

• Place in a very low oven and allow to warm so that the fat melts

• Serve with Parsnip Purée and a dust of pistachio powder

• Optional – Serve with warm bread

Glenn Roach is Regional Executive Chef of the Surf & Turf restaurants situated in Macdonald Rusacks Hotel, St Andrews & Macdonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh. The Surf & Turf concept will also be launching soon in the Macdonald Marine Hotel in North Berwick.