What is it?

A 360-degree video capable camera from GoPro.

The merits of surround video don't seem to be immediately obvious to consumers. It's been tested on podcasts and sporting events numerous times but unless there is something genuinely interesting to see at all angles, then the novelty soon wears off.

GoPro hopes to change this perspective, pardon the pun, with its latest action camera.

Good Points?

Design of the GoPro Max's interface allows for intuitive operation with large touchscreen providing easy set up and recording. GoPro has always been at the forefront of hardware innovation in cameras and the unit's in-built stabilising technology continues this trend.

Cycling on rough surfaces is smoothed out to the point that the footage looks pristine which is excellent for the viewer. A good selection of software is included to edit your footage and add some great effects.

Purchasing a GoPro means a wealth of mounts and accessories is also available to suit your favoured activity.

Bad points?

The camera itself is hard to find fault with but, in the end, it's difficult to imagine an activity other than perhaps skydiving which would give enough of a thrill viewing in 360 degrees to make this an economically viable alternative to a straight-on view only camera.

Best for ...

Those creative types with a budding enthusiasm for generating virtual reality content for more practical pursuits, such as training videos or virtual guided tours.

Avoid if ...

You simply want to record yourself doing an outdoor activity which can be done just as well with an older GoPro at a much lower price.

Score: 8/10.

GoPro Max, £479 (johnlewis.com)