What is it?

A compact laptop with powerful gaming features.

Choosing a modern game console is akin to roulette: most are limited to playing games only and there is a good chance the game you are eager to play is exclusive to another brand.

The preferred hardware for game playing has always been the trusty PC as it has scope for almost unlimited upgrades, can cater for more than one graphics card and proffers compatibility for most games. Dell's G7 17 is the brand's portable one-stop shop for all things gaming.

Good points?

Graphics rendering is the be-all and end-all of a gaming experience and is often skimped on due to their expense.

Most laptops carry the bare minimum to display their content but the G7 incorporates an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti with an impressive 6GB of RAM. This enables the computer to crunch through graphics intensive tasks without adversely impacting the rest of the computer's resources.

A 17-inch IPS display provides crystal clear visuals no matter the angle it is viewed from. This could be perceived as unnecessary given that the user is likely to be less than an arm's length away. Nonetheless, it's a great addition and complements the graphics card well, especially when also watching streaming services such as Netflix.

Bad points?

The biggest issue I have with the device is its inflated price compared to similar products.

Best for ...

Those serious about games but who don't want to sacrifice access to Windows OS.

Avoid if ...

Playing games is secondary to general computer productivity tasks. A typical consumer model would suffice.

Score: 7/10.

Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop, £1,199 (dell.com)