WELL, here we go again, folks. It’s time to take a look at the perfect wines for Christmas so sit back, relax and let’s go down the rabbit hole together.

I like to make my sherry trifle on Christmas Eve and as I’m a firm believer in one for the sponge and one for the cook, normal under a tenner cream sherries are never going to make the cut.

Last year, I added a PX sherry from a Solera dated 1927 and the trifle was lovely but just a little bit too rich for my traditionalist palate, so this year I’m going for the gorgeous raisiny Gonzalez Byas Oloroso Dulce. I fell in love with its palate full of creamy caramel and hazelnuts.

Christmas dinner wouldn't be the same for us without a crisp Marlborough sauvignon or a decent sancerre but the latter has disappointed me the last few years so I'm going back to Cloudy Bay, my happy place. It's packed with tropical fruit and it's got enough acidity to strip paint, I love it.

That's just our aperitif, however, because I do love a good claret over dinner and this is where we go down the rabbit hole. In the real world, our table will likely be graced with a mid-level but very good quality medoc but in my fantasy world, my alter ego is taking the cork out of a 1959 Chateau Mouton Rothschild, possibly the greatest wine of all time and coming to a table near you for about the same price as a Range Rover.

Christmas evening is my special port night and this year, lottery or not, it's the awesome 1964 Colheita from Pocas. Imagine sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream and lashings of alcohol which coincidentally are my three favourite food groups and you come close.

At this point, you probably think Mrs R and myself are right plonkies but it’s quality in moderation in our house unless the lottery comes up between now and the fat man's visit in which case I'm getting hammered on that 1959!

Boxing day is cheese and more port for me, probably the remains of the '64 but I could also be tempted by a bottle of 1973 Boal Madeira that's been in the rack for several years now.

Anyway, whatever floats your boat this season, enjoy it in moderation and have a good one, folks.

Andresen 40-year-old Tawny

Yeah, I know it's expensive but, oh my lord, what a wine. Nuts, raisins, warm figs and more vanilla than a latte. This is absolutely stunning.

Laithwaites Wines £60

Element Series Sauvignon from Elephant Hill

Try asking for this after a few glasses! With an aroma like fresh-cut grass and more fruit than the most imaginative cocktails, this is a real cracker of a wine.

Corney & Barrow £25

Gerard Richardson