This is a simple breakfast or brunch dish that can be put together in minutes. Serve it for the family in one big pan or for yourself it’s just as tasty!

Serves 1


3 x large whole eggs

Smoked Haddock (desired amount)

200ml milk

Bayleaf/2 x cloves/ ½ onion

½ Leek

50g Gruyere Cheese Grated

Fresh Chives Finely sliced

Vegetable oil

Table salt


Pre Heat Grill

You will first need to poach the haddock. Bring a small pan of milk to the boil along with the bay leaf, cloves and onion. One boiling pour over the smoked haddock. Allow this to cool. The residual heat in the milk as it cools will be enough to cook the haddock. Once cool remove the fish from the milk and flake into small pieces.

For the leeks cut it into small squares or slices. Wash under cold water to remove any dirt. Bring a pan of water to the boil with a small amount of salt then add the leeks. Cook for 30 seconds, remove then plunge into ice water, this will cool the leeks rapidly and keep the colour also. Remove from the water and allow to drain.

Finely slice your fresh chives and set aside.

For the omelette place a small amount of oil into a frying pan. Wait until the pan is almost smoking before adding the eggs. Whisk the eggs, add a pinch of salt and gently pour into the pan. With a fork mix the eggs until it quickly until they almost start to cook. Scatter over your smoked haddock, leeks and fresh chives followed by your cheese. If you wish place your omelette under the grill for 30 seconds just to finish it off.

A great way to start a Sunday morning in these winter months!