IT only seems like yesterday that we were in the season to be jolly and, all of a sudden, romance is in the air. Before we know it, we’ll all be rolling eggs down a hill but, in the meantime, I guess we should take a look at rose, the wines of love.

Rose is one of the oldest styles but it was only after the Second World War when Portuguese winemakers created Mateus and Lancers that the style took off worldwide. Sales of those awful products set new records but, in their defence, at least some of the new consumers would gravitate to wines with a bit more class.

In the 1980s the Americans released their own version of wine hell onto the world in the form of blush zinfandel and, for some unfathomable reason, it took off. Anyway, I’m delighted to report that there are now far more good to excellent choices of rose than ever before and it seems that none of the winemaking regions want to miss out.

Argentina is the home of Merlot and Cabernet roses for me but they do tend to be a bit more masculine than the traditional salmon-coloured roses of Provence. Australia and South Africa produce the fruitiest styles with the emphasis on fun but if your intention is romance then stick to France, folks, whether you go for a still rose or one of their gorgeous sparklers.

Rose Champagne is the top of the tree but if romance in February has a moderate budget, check out some of the sublime Cremants. Anyway, here’s a few suggestions guaranteed to pair well with a single red rose and a kiss.

Grenache-Syrah Rose, Domaine de Montauberon

Seriously, folks, this is gorgeous, with a lively flowery nose and vibrant bouncy raspberry fruit on the palate. This has to be worth a kiss.

Corney & Barrow £9.95

Tesco Finest Crémant de Limoux Rosé

For the price, this method Champenois Cremant is a stunner. It's got that lovely creamy brioche base that you find in the finest Champagnes alongside a fruit bowl of raspberries and strawberries.

Tescos £10 on offer