What is it?

A compact, high performance digital-to-analogue audio (DAC) converter.

Most portable music players, such as smartphones, have so many other features packed in that audio tends to be an afterthought. Or are prone to jitter caused by common clocking errors where the timing of parts of the musical arrangement fall out of synchronisation.

Dedicated audio converters are better at handling these issues to allow greater sound output quality and get as close as possible to the original analogue recording.

Good points?

The M-DAC Nano from Audiolab is the perfect companion to a portable music player on the go as it's easy to connect and needs little operation to enjoy its benefits.

It offers a wire-free connection to your source device without compromising sound thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX low latency compression transfer.

Measuring just 44mm x 44mm x 14mm and weighing 28g, the device comfortably fits in a pocket making great to transport for parties or other events. A built-in headphone amplifier gives unparalleled sound quality in a portable DAC.

Eight hours of battery life is ample enough when compared to Bluetooth headphones and it also supports Qi wireless charging.

Bad points?

Slightly older technology being utilised in Bluetooth and aptX are but minor complaints in an otherwise great product.

Best for ...

Audiophiles who want the best possible portable musical experience available.

Avoid if ...

The odd jitter or jump doesn't detract from your occasional audio enjoyment.

Score: 9/10.

Audiolab M-DAC Nano, £143 (amazon.co.uk)