A tart Tatin is more commonly known as a desert made with apples. Here I have turned it into a savoury dish using a red onions and goat’s cheese. A dish that’s a showstopper for a meat free option at a dinner party!

Serves 4

Ingredients –

2 x Red Onions – Peeled & halved through the middle

Puff Pastry

Goat’s cheese

Balsamic Vinegar

Olive oil

1 x Egg


Pre Heat oven – 190c/ gas mark 5

In a frying pan heat a small amount of oil. Place your onion halves in the pan on a low heat and cook slowly on one side until a golden brown colour. Turn over the onions and do the same on the other side until the onions are beginning to soften slightly. Set aside to cool leaving them in the pan.

Roll out your puff pastry into thin sheets around 3mm thick. Cut out a disc shape which is slightly bigger than your onion. Whisk your egg in a bowl, brush on a small amount onto the pastry then place your onion in the centre bottom side down. Wrap your pastry around your onions and place them back in the pan so that the pastry is on the top. Egg wash the top of each tart and pop them in the oven.

Cook the tarts in the oven for around 15-20mins. When removed from the oven tip them upside down and crumble over your goat’s cheese. You can finish these under the grill or back in the oven to slowly melt the cheese.

Serve with mixed leaves and a generous serving of balsamic vinegar!