We are incredibly lucky to have ready access to a mind-boggling selection of wines in every style imaginable and from all corners of the globe. Despite that, I regularly find myself gravitating back to the wines of France. From steely Chablis to aromatic Gewürztraminer, from earthy Pinot Noir to classic Bordeaux…there really is something for everyone. The wines are food friendly and you can get good quality at every price point from the simplest house style right up to the top shelf Burgundies and clarets.

Gone also are the days of having to cellar your bottles for years before they’re ready to drink. Producers now suit the market by making their wines in a more accessible style designed for early consumption. So there’s no excuse for not exploring the French shelves this weekend.

Here are a few suggestions to whet your appetite.

Filet Mignon Vieilles Vignes Carignan 2017 (Inverarity One to One, £8.99). This old vine Carignan showcases just how good the wines from the South of France can be, and it’s great value too. Older vines produce fewer, but better grapes which has a dramatic effect on the quality of the wine in your glass. As the name suggests, it goes very well with a nice bit of beef.

Macon Villages 2018 (M&S, £9). I’m a huge fan of white Burgundy, and it’s incredibly rare to find such a nice bottle under a tenner. It’s an unoaked Chardonnay, with the focus very much on the freshness and the fruit. Try a perfectly chilled glass of this with a chicken caesar salad at lunchtime.

Chateauneuf du Pape 2017 (M&S, on offer at £15). I normally don’t trust Rhone wines on special offer in supermarkets as the quality can be so variable. This however, is very tasty with lots of character and structure. Like most wines from the area, it’s a blend of Syrah and Grenache. Definitely decant this one in advance to soften the tannins and allow the fruit to come out. An hour should be long enough, and then you can enjoy it with a big stew or cassoulet. Cheers!