Glen Finglas

As the days start getting longer and the weather, hopefully, warms up, why not embark on a fascinating wildlife walk in the Highlands? Glen Finglas is the epitome of the Highlands – full of glassy lochs, heather-covered uplands, secret glens and stretches of ancient woodland. The best way to explore this area is on the challenging 15-mile hill walk along the Mell Circuit. The woodland at the start of the walk is worth spending a bit of time in, with a carpet of bluebells, a chorus of warblers and singing redstarts during the spring.

Glen Finglas, Brig o’ Turk

Knapdale Forest

Giving you the best of both worlds, the Knapdale Forest is not only home to stunning woodlands, it also boasts magnificent coastal beauty. The picturesque walking trails are home to some of the most iconic wildlife, right, in Scotland, with golden eagles, red squirrels, red deer, otters and harbour seals often seen on the walk. During an easy walk from the Barnluasgan car park, try to spot some of the beavers, released as part of the Scottish Beaver Trial.

Knapdale Forest, Argyll

Mar Lodge Estate

Mar Lodge is the best place to get back to nature, regardless of the season. With more than 29,000 hectares of landscape to discover, including heather moorland and the Caledonian pine forest, there’s the chance to spot some amazing wildlife. The most accessible route runs through the ancient pine forest with the chance to spot rare birds including the black grouse and Scottish crossbill.

Abernethy National Nature Reserve

There are countless footpaths and boardwalks winding through the moorlands and mountains of Abernethy National Nature Reserve. For experienced walkers, there’s some stunning routes to undertake stretching through Loch Garten to the wilds of the Cairngorms. For an easier walk, try the low-level Two Lochs trail, offering 1.7 miles of stunning views across Loch Garten and Loch Mallachie.

Abernethy National Nature Reserve, Strathspey

Crinan Wood

Rare ferns, mosses and lichens cover the floor of the Crinan Wood, above. Up in the trees, it’s the perfect place for birdwatchers who have the chance to spot buzzard, redstarts, wood warblers and golden eagles. For the best spots, take a walk from the canal basin in Crinan along the main woodland path. Spare a moment to admire the views across Loch Crinan to Duntrune Castle and the Isle of


Crinan Wood, Argyll