As I write this on Monday, I feel that I can confidently write, for you to read on Sunday – well, what a week it has been!

If we are to self-isolate or take part in social distancing (you may already know the answer to that by now) then let me take this opportunity to remind you of outdoorphins.

Yes, outdoorphins really are a thing! These microbes release the same feelings of happiness and energy as endorphins but they are found in the garden. Outdoorphins work as an antidepressant and are scientifically proven to lift moods and combat negative emotion.

So, just spending five minutes a day working on your garden is good for your health, and in the current climate we need that!

Gardening and being around plants (as I wrote last week) is a great form of therapy and are associated with positive emotions, self-esteem and hope. Not only that the process of planting and nurturing plants can give people a sense of purpose and once the plants are thriving, a sense of achievement too. So right now is definitely the time to garden!

No matter your age, working up a sweat in the garden is a fantastic way to get vital exercise. Mowing the lawn with a hand-push lawn mower, tending to weeds and planting gives combined stretching and reaching movements toning muscles and help improve balance, dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

This is the time that garden centres would normally be getting busy, but who knows what will lie ahead for the industry, so if you can’t get to your local garden centre – phone them, tell them the plants you are looking for, ask for their advice, I am sure they will deliver!

Happy and healthy gardening to you all!