What is it?

A self-propelled electric wheelbarrow.

Rather than dwelling on freedoms curtailed due to the current coronavirus pandemic, your time might be better spent on more constructive endeavours. Neglected gardens are a great place to start as they provide fresh air, exercise, a creative outlet and bring us closer to nature.

The downside is horticultural plans or ambitions can be thwarted as moving rubble, waste or large plant pots may put a strain on muscles and joints alike. For such exertions, Greenworks Tools has developed a convenient motorised wheelbarrow.

Good points?

With a maximum load weight of 100 kilograms and volume capacity of 106 litres, the barrow will cater for most garden material helping to prevent unnecessary and repetitive trips to your dumping location.

Emptying the hold of the cart is easy thanks to the hydraulic release button and sturdy parking brake. It is powered by a 40-volt electric motor which runs for 100 minutes and propels the cart up to 4.2kph/2.6 mph.

Robust construction allows the machine to carry loads up 20-degree slopes of mud and dirt without any difficulty.

Bad points?

Some assembly is required which requires at least two people and some upper body strength that I lack. The barrow doesn't angle enough to empty the entire contents of the cart which is annoying.

Best for ...

Those looking to spruce up outdoor spaces without the dreaded aches and pains that often accompany manual work.

Avoid if ...

Your property has tight spaces to navigate as the cart is bulky and doesn't turn sharply.

Score: 7/10.

Greenworks Tools Cordless Garden Cart, £359.99 (amazon.co.uk)