While lockdown has seen some people turn to DIY, it doesn't all have to be on the home or garden.

Cocktail expert David Howie, who is bar training manager for pub and restaurant chain Buzzworks which has several sites including Scotts in Troon and South Queensferry and Vic’s & The Vine in Prestwick, says why not have a go with a DIY cocktail.

He said: "A classic margarita is a good place to start. It is a case of having a go and trying something different."

Howie’s Homemade Margaritas

What you need:

- Bottle of 100% Agave Tequila

- 1 Lime per drink

- Caster Sugar

- Boiling Water

- Orange Liqueur/Triple Sec/Orange Peel

- Cocktail Shaker

- Bottle Top (Wine Bottle too works fine)

- Ice

- Salt

Step 1 - Gather Your Ingredients

In addition to above you will also need a chopping board, a sharp knife and a wet cloth (to clean up any mess so the people you are co-isolating with don’t get angry!)

Step 2 - Make Sugar Syrup

Fill a cup half way up with Caster Sugar (regular Granulated works too). Add in half the volume of sugar worth of boiling water. Stir down with a spoon until all sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool. Once cool you can cover in cling film to keep it for lots of cocktails, or you can transfer into a bottle for later.

Step 3 - Add Sugar Syrup

We are now going to use your wine bottle top as a measure! Pour 1 cap full of sugar syrup into your shaker. This should be about 12.5-15ml.

Step 4 - Add Lime

Cut your lime(s) in half carefully, keeping fingers away from the blade. Squeeze both halves of the lime into the shaker. For additional flavour, drop one half husk into the shaker, in order to get the essential oils from the skin to infuse into the drink.

Step 5 - Add Tequila

Pour 4 bottle tops (around 37.5-50ml) of 100% Agave Tequila into your shaker.

Step 6 - Add Orange

Add 1 bottle cap of high quality Triple Sec or Orange Liqueur. If you don’t have these, cut a generous orange peel and squeeze the essential oils into the shaker for a fantastic, fresh aroma.

Step 7 - Salt Rim

With your other half lime husk, cut it in half again so you are left with 2 quarter limes which have been juiced. With one quarter, holding it skin side, run the lime round the rim of the glass so that juice residue costs the top. Discard this lime in the compost or food bin. Sprinkle salt around the rim so it sticks to the juice. Try to not get it inside the glass itself!

Step 8 - Shake, Shake, Shake

Add ice to your shaker and seal it. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Experts agree that posting your Shake to Instagram improves the flavour of the cocktail and shows all your friends how good you are.

Step 9 - Pour

Take the top off the shaker and pour the mixture into your rimmed glass, including the ice and lime husk. If you didn’t add the husk into the shaker, you can garnish with your remaining quarter lime husk.

Step 10 - Drink it

You know what to do!