What is it?

A feature-rich pair of wireless audio earbuds geared toward active lifestyles.

There are very few genuinely versatile headphones which do everything well and don't trade off aspects of greatness with mediocrity. Jabra has managed to cram their compact and lightweight Elite Active 75t earbuds chock-full of impressive technology.

Good points?

Sound quality is sharp and has many customisable profiles to cater for different moods or audio types, such as neutral, bass boost and smooth. You can also create and save your profiles through the Jabra Sound+ smartphone app.

Silicon EarGels technology provides a snug and comfortable fit which lets you run all day without any movement and painful rubbing.

The MySound in-app hearing test personalises tones to enhance sound for each individual ear similar to the Audeara A-01 headphones.

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Passthrough mode provides volume control for the outside world so you can block out external noises or alternatively hear any potential hazards when in built-up areas. The buds are waterproof (with an IP57 rating) and won't falter under extreme sweat or in dusty conditions.

Bluetooth 5.0 boosts multiple simultaneous device connection with no dropouts of sound and less power consumption. Other features worth mentioning are the quality microphone for calls – perfect for those endless Zoom meetings – and the battery giving more than seven hours of continuous usage.

Bad points?

Qualcomm aptX codec is not supported which would allow better data transfer to the earpieces over Bluetooth.

Best for ...

Those who don't want to purchase various devices for different scenarios, such as earbuds for exercise or heavy-duty headphones for a quality listening experience.

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Avoid if ...

If you don't plan on working out with music as you pay a hefty premium for lightweight small form-factor earbuds.

Score: 9/10.

Jabra Elite Active 75t, £189.99 (jabra.co.uk)