What is it?

A budget autonomous vacuum cleaner that sucks the life out of the competition.

Working from home has its advantages such as getting a longer sleep, avoiding the rush-hour commute and never being very far from the fridge.

One downside is an increased accumulation of floor dust and debris generated from all the extra foot traffic – a constant battle to keep clean.

This is a task ideal for outsourcing to robots as they neither tire nor complain and do the job to the same high standards every time. The Deebot N79S from Ecovacs is a fine example.

Good points?

Utilising what Ecovacs has dubbed "Smart Motion" technology, the vacuum employs a thorough approach to cleanliness by making multiple passes. You can target problem areas through its many cleaning modes, selectable via the Ecovacs home app or an Amazon Echo smart home assistant.

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Removing dirt is aided by a three-stage cleaning system incorporating a V-shaped brush which sweeps, lifts and vacuums. This ensures practical efficiency and speed without compromising on performance.

The biggest upside is the price which is half that of many comparable products. Everything you want in a robotic vacuum cleaner is present including automatic charging, task scheduling and stair safety technology to prevent it from taking a tumble.

Bad points?

Although the unit provides all basic features needed, it is limited compared to premium models that can offer automatic dust receptacle emptying and hard floor mopping capabilities.

Best for ...

Those tired of constantly cleaning up after fur-shedding pets and crumb-dropping family members.

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Avoid if ...

Your home has many levels or steps as these vacuum robots haven't evolved to possess humanoid legs yet.

Score: 8/10.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner, £219.98 (amazon.co.uk)