What is it?

A smartphone game controller pad for Android devices. Mobile gaming has become big business with the sophistication of the titles exceeding many independently developed console games.

The only frustration with this type of entertainment has always been the method of control, which typically involved tilting your touchscreen.

As game developers have transported their creations over from dedicated consoles to smartphones there was a need to mimic proper game controllers and maintain a reasonable continuity between the two. This is where Razer’s Kishi gamepad looks set to excel and bring gaming back to the masses.

Good points?

In addition to a traditional eight-way directional pad, the device sports two clickable analogue thumbsticks for options of control. Thicker buttons and ergonomic grips aid comfort and allows any gamer to pick up the gadget and be somewhat familiar with it out of the box.

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The learning curve is minimal and gives almost instant satisfaction when playing a game that’s been a struggle previously using the phone’s touchscreen. The construction of the gamepad is impressive and utilises an extendable clamp system to hold almost any Android smartphone in place.

Playing button-bashing games gives the gamepad experience a retro arcade feel that takes me back to a more carefree time.

Bad points?

The list of compatible games is limited and, although the number available is rising every day, it is best to check Razer’s list before buying to play your favourite game.

Best for ...

Those hardcore gamers who want an edge in Fortnite combat or who simply want a better playing experience without worrying the smartphone will slip from their hands.

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Avoid if ...

You are trying to cut down on smartphone screen time as this gadget is an uber enabler.

Score: 8/10.

Razer Kishi, £79.99 (razer.com)