REMEMBER the old Monty Python joke: "What did the Romans ever do for us?" Well, when it comes to el vino collapso (wine, in case you haven't had as many as me yet), the joke works just as well with the Aussies.

Okay, it’s fair dinkum that they didn't give us roads, sanitation, public baths or education but they did transform several boring old grapes into supermodels and persuaded a few of them to bed down together as well.

Shiraz Cabernet and Shiraz Merlot blends are the obvious examples of sensual grape liaisons but it's one of the lesser known combinations that has always been my favourite even though the pesky blinder is white. The Aussies took two powerhouse white grapes and told them to play nice over a barbie and the result has always been a fight for dominance over your tastebuds.

Both semillon and sauvignon are capable of producing whites with incredibly lively noses and vibrant palettes but blending them together adds a depth and complexity that both lack on their own. Sem Sauvignon blends are the Torvill and Dean of the wine world and are perfect with anything from a crab salad to burger a la napalm on a hot summer's day.

Cape Mentelle Sem Sauv, Margaret River

A lively floral nose with a gorgeous creamy palate of lychees, limes and peaches. The finish is crisp and refreshing. Superb with shellfish

The Whisky Exchange £14.95

Tescos Sauv Sem, Australia

I really didn't want to like this but you know what, for just over £4, this is what I would happily call a midweek special. Chill it like a penguins bum and don't pair it with lobster!

Tescos £4.25