What is it?

A smart wireless outdoor HD camera.

Finding a wireless security camera that functions outdoors can be tricky. Most depend on the camera being installed in close proximity to your internet router.

Ezviz has developed the C3N to pass the boundaries of wireless video limitations.

Good points?

Dual external antennas provide wall penetration and anti-interference capabilities allowing the 2.4GHz signal to travel further while maintaining reliability.

Equipped with two powerful built-in spotlights that fully illuminate the camera's field of view, you effectively eliminate dark spots. Twin infrared lights help the device render colour imaging in darkness and give enhanced night vision with increased detail.

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False positive detections are reduced thanks to the system's artificial intelligence algorithms which recognise humanoid shapes and motion styles. By filtering out non-human interactions you save bandwidth and the hassle associated with constantly checking smartphone alerts.

You can switch between three different imaging modes that will cater for most needs. The one that stands out is the spotlight flash mode. This works by detecting human movement and emitting a burst of light to force the subject to turn and face the camera, allowing their face to be captured.

Bad points?

There are no pan or tilt options with this camera and it requires a fixed position.

Best for ...

Those who want to monitor an annexed building or a shed on their property used to store valuable items such as bikes or a car garage.

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Avoid if ...

You reckon bumps in the night should stay unobserved and what you don't see can't hurt you.

Score: 9/10.

Ezviz C3N Outdoor Smart WiFi Camera, £79.99 (amazon.co.uk)