What is it?

A digital art canvas to showcase great pieces in any space.

Smartphones have been at the heart of a photography boom that allows any experience to be captured and saved forever. Yet, conversely, with this digital posterity, there is a double-edged sword with the need for instant gratification stoked by social media.

Gone are the days when camera film was a precious commodity. These days folk snap half a dozen selfies that get quickly get forgotten, languishing on their phones, rarely printed off or framed. Netgear's digital canvas could be the device to rekindle that dwindling passion.

Good points?

Advanced TrueArt display technology enhances brushstrokes on paintings that normally get evened out in photographs. Netgear's subscription model gives access to more than 30,000 works of art including histories masterpieces.

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In addition to still images, the Canvas II plays video and GIFs that will give an artificial window to any vista. Two canvas sizes are available 16inx24in (41x61cm) and 19inx29in (48x74cm) that swivel to portrait or landscape mode depending on the display subject.

The accompanying app allows you to set a schedule of what you would like showcased during the day. You can revert from classical paintings to your own photography on a timed interval.

Bad points?

The canvas models are expensive and will price most out from owning one.

Best for ...

Those who enjoy displaying paintings and photography but who don't have the space to hang as many as they'd like. Ideal for any parent or grandparent who can set the image to the family members who are visiting that day.

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Avoid if ...

You simply want to spruce up an empty wall as there are cheaper ways to do it.

Score: 9/10.

Netgear Meural Canvas II, from £902.74 (netgear.co.uk)