What is it?

A timing and automation system for outdoor taps offering remote internet access.

Good points?

Installation and set-up are completed in three simple steps: physically connecting the main controller hub to your home network, attaching the remote tap unit to your outdoor hosepipe tap and then configuring them with the accompanying smartphone app.

Frequency and duration can be set on automatic schedules which removes any guesswork on how much water has been used. Restricting usage might not seem relevant to those of us in a water-rich climate like Scotland, but this feature can be handy when dealing with moisture picky plants.

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The app provides a local weather summary alongside notifications of any condition changes that might impact your lawn or plants. You can then choose to initiate watering or alter an existing schedule from any location provided you have an internet connection.

Most hose attachment devices I have used in the past have failed quicker than I would have hoped but the Hozelock tap unit is well built and comes with a two-year guarantee.

Bad points?

Changes to a schedule can take up to 15 minutes to come into effect which can be a tad frustrating when you need an immediate alteration. This could potentially waste quite a bit of water if a sudden downpour coincides with your watering schedule.

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Best for ...

Those who want a round-the-clock overview of their garden. Combining the cloud controller with third-party tools, such as moisture sensors and home weather stations, will provide exceptional control over any plot.

Avoid if ...

You prefer a more ad-hoc approach when it comes to watering plants.

Score: 8/10.

Hozelock Cloud Controller, from £174 (amazon.co.uk)