SHE is Scotland's answer to cleaning hack guru Mrs Hinch and has become an Instagram star in her own right.

For Cheryl Johnston, who is a self-confessed cleaning addict, turning her passion for home and interior design has led to a legion of followers desperate to find out what she is buying next and where she gets her home decor from.

And lockdown has not been any different, in fact her Instagram page #Myhomeismyhaven has never been more popular with more than 17,000 followers.

"At the start of lockdown I had a to do list which I never seemed to get through, well this was the time to get it done," said Cheryl. "It was an anxious time for people when we were being told to stay at home and if I am worried about something then I clean.

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"I am the type of person who would feel guilty about not doing something and if I spot something that is not quite right then I can't just leave it. I have cleaned inside and out, glossed the whole house, cleaned out the shower, you name I've done it. And with the good weather I was cleaning outside as well. The patio has been done and I have arranged my garden."


Cheryl Johnston introduced bold patterns

For those rare moments when Cheryl stops cleaning and relaxes, there is now a new addition to the family - a hot tub which takes pride of place.

Cheryl added: "We got the tub by chance. One of the major garden centres had just reopened and my husband Craig and I were taking a walk round when we passed an employee with a batch of hot tubs. There was only four as demand has been high in the good weather, so we got one there and then. And if you haven't guessed by now I have a cleaning regime for that as well."

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Cheryl, who works in human resources, has also taken the time to look after herself as well.

She added: "I always think the best investment is self-investment. So I have been taking care with my skin care regime and taught myself how to blow dry my hair properly."

As we emerge out of lockdown Cheryl's revamp is now complete. She has wall papered added bursts of colour in the lounge and added bold prints in the bathroom and bedroom.


A splash of colour and wallpaper in en suite

Her Instagram page is becoming more and more popular.

With so many followers, you imagine you might bump into one or two now and again.

"I had put a post online asking my followers where I could get big pants. The response was great and then pointed me in the direction of one of the well-known supermarkets," said Cheryl.

She added: "I was standing in the queue for the check out when a woman I didn't know said to me 'Cheryl you have just reminded me I need to buy pants. It turned out she was one of my followers and knew what I looked it. Her name was Louise and at least I jogged her memory.

"I take time to reply to everyone who posts and I love the interaction with them."


Groundforce as Cheryl's garden had a makeover

When she started to share her favourite things and top tips online, she couldn't believe the reaction.

Fans were posting comments on her stunning photographs and handy hints on everything from the best cleaning products on the market to how to transform the look of a room without spending a fortune.

Cheryl and her husband Craig had not long moved in to their new home in Renfrewshire when she decided to post a few pictures on Instagram which followers seem to go wild for. A buzz was created around what Cheryl was planning next.

She added: "Moving into a new house meant we had a blank canvas and could really put our own stamp on it. I posted some pictures and ideas online and it just took off. I had no idea what this would lead to."

One of the things which has kept Cheryl going during lockdown is the positive messages she receives on her page.

"For me social media has been a great thing and I really enjoying keeping my page updated. People are very nice with their comments and reactions and that has been very welcome during this time," she added.