Gordon Castle Walled Garden
Morayshire IV32 7PQ

Gordon Castle Walled Garden is one of the most remarkable gardens in Scotland. After hundreds of years as a productive vegetable garden, followed by a spell after the Second World War as a commercial raspberry farm, it had, like so many gardens of its kind, fallen into disuse.
For more than four decades it remained uncultivated, with the exception of the 250 fruit trees around the walls, which continued to be pruned and cared for by one of the estate’s most knowledgeable gardeners.
Then in 2013, owners Angus and Zara Gordon Lennox began work on a bold transformation. They commissioned world-renowned designer Arne Maynard to come up with a new concept for this eight-acre space. 
The garden that he created has become one of the best of its kind in Scotland and in 2021 it was named Garden of the Year by Historic Houses, the association that represents historic properties across the UK.
Today’s visitors can stroll amongst vast perennial borders filled with blooms. There is a huge orchard and a cutting garden where flowers including dahlias, snapdragons and sweet peas are picked for the castle as well as for sale in the garden shop.
Earlier this year, flowers from here were amongst those that decorated Westminster Abbey during the coronation of King Charles and local florists come here to select stems for bridal bouquets and celebratory events.
The herb garden provides botanicals for Gordon Castle’s range of gin and luxury bath and body produce, with an on-site still distilling natural essences from the thousands of stems and petals that are harvested during the summer, while the long lavender hedges are a magnet for bees.
For much of the year the cafe is self-sufficient in salads and all remaining produce is available for sale to visitors. This provides a chance to buy, amongst other things, freshly-picked apricots, gooseberries, courgettes and carrots.
The Moray Firth, where the garden is situated, benefits from a unique microclimate and this, combined with the protective walls, allows many crops to ripen that would otherwise struggle in this northerly climate. 
It also provides the perfect conditions for growing soft fruit and in August, currants and gooseberries are in plentiful supply
The garden is maintained by a small team led by head gardener Ed Bollom, who continue to develop it, helping to make Gordon Castle Walled Garden one of the leading tourist attractions in Morayshire and a “must see” location for garden lovers from across the UK and beyond.


Fruitful Design
The original fruit trees that line the walls of the garden include many heritage varieties and since the renovation, a further 400 fruit trees have been planted as standards, step-overs and espaliers.
Pears are grown in eight long tunnels, while 50 fruiting cherry trees provide a sweet crop.
The 100-year-old apricot tree is believed to be the oldest of its kind in Scotland and this, along with peaches and figs, are grown against a south-facing wall, which helps them to ripen.
Most of the apples are pressed to make Gordon Castle’s own-label crisp cider and for juice, while plums and gauges, including the variety Gordon Castle, are used to make plum gin.
Part of the garden is devoted to growing soft fruit including raspberries, gooseberries and currants and these, and all the products made from botanicals picked from the garden, are available for sale in season in the shop that sits alongside the cafe inside the walls.


The walled garden is open daily, 10am-4pm. 
The main entrance to Gordon Castle Walled Garden is at the western end of Fochabers, on the A96, nine miles east of Elgin.
The cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday.Tickets to walled garden and play area: £9/£7/£4.50

Tel: 01343 820244