The splendid Glasgow Art Club opened its ornate doors on Thursday night for an evening of music from artists of the Fife-based Fence Collective.

First up was Rozi Plain, whose friends Kate and Jamie sadly had to dash somewhere else mid-set. But not before they invited a shy audience to get closer to the stage to better enjoy an intimate collection of songs that were they not released by Fence Records would have sounded perfectly at home on Cherry Red Records, as it was in the 1980s.

The Pictish Trail is the alter ego of Johnny Lynch, on this occasion handsomely backed by a new Fence signing, the six piece Eagleowl, whose drummer, Owen Williams, is a man to watch. With an eagerly awaited new album to tour, Lynch displayed his inimitable versatility and good humour, placing tracks from the album in an entirely different musical setting. From the mutant disco of Wait Until, complete with wibbly-wobbly synths, to the discordant strings of Of Course You Exist, it was a blinder of a show, topped by an eight-minute rock-out cover of Master and Everyone of which, I suspect, Bonnie Prince Billy would have smilingly approved.