A FIGURE sits on a bench, so calmly still that you're almost tricked into believing that Helka Kaski is a sculptural part of the Every Day exhibition in GoMA's ground-floor gallery.

In fact, Kaski is very much a part of Every Day – well, until Sunday coming that is. And her stillness is there to be diverted into movement, which is where visitors can themselves become part of the show.

Choreographer Siobhan Davies and Kaski have created a piece called Manual, a crafty title since it embraces the physical effort of movement as well as the instructions we are asked to give the enviably flexible Kaski in order for her to walk, lie down, stand up – the sort of simple everyday movements we do without thinking, or analysing.

Start to put "walking" into words that can guide Kaski's steps, however, and simplicity becomes bewildering complexity.

Suddenly, your mind is grappling to understand the logistics, and the mechanics, of taking even one step forward. You find yourself reading every detail of your own actions in hopes of mapping out a plan for this other person to follow without falling over. Meanwhile Kaski, whose dance-y litheness gives grace to the most stumbling of verbal instructions, is also making you think differently about the sculptures in the hall.

Her kinetic humanity triggers new thoughts about the commonplace tables, chairs and other objects that artists have transformed into quirky, thoughtful invitations to stop, look and reconsider how what seems familiar can be a starting point for surprises.

So, go. Kaski's disposition makes your shared encounters a revelation and fun.

Helka Kaski performs daily, between 11.30am and 4.30pm (with occasional short breaks) until Sunday.

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