The posh creator of an online blog who wants every woman to have the wedding of their dreams.

A Scouse "mumtrepreneur" who keeps fit by using her babies as exercise weights. A jittery domestic goddess whose cakes contain a few illicit ingredients. An Irish foreign correspondent who'll stop at nothing to grab the headlines. A political activist who wants single women to be known as "bitchelors". Separately, any one of them might steal the show in a character comedy line-up. But Anna Morris goes one better, presenting them as the host and four rivals in a Woman Of The Year competition. It's an inspired plan: at a stroke Morris increases the audience input (we're going to have to vote, so we're active participants) and ups the ante on the tension between the contenders. Better still, she doesn't skate across easy stereotypes but finds dramatic nuggets beneath the more obvious comedy targets. It's acting as much as stand-up.