Harvey, Garvey &The Kane talk to HeraldScotland about young energetic thesps, lego designers and Laphroaig 18yr.

Tell us about your Fringe show

It's an hour in the Dairy Room with three hunky, hilarious, deluded individuals.

Best thing about the Fringe?

Well it's not our first time as individuals at the Fringe, but it's our first time as a group, and we want to make it special. We're inviting everyone to share in our first time, and we'll have candles and scented oils and everything, (fire regulations permitting).

Cariad Lloyd is always good value for money, no matter how much you're paying.

Harvey likes seeing all the fresh faced, enthusiastic actors coming to the festival, eager to do their very best and change the world through theatre.

Worst thing about the Fringe?

Garvey can't stand all the young, energetic thesps who are desperate to 'make a difference', and only wishes he could be there to see their faces when they realise just how little their time and money has bought.

If you weren't a comedian, what would you be doing?

Harvey would be a Lego designer, Garvey would be on the dole and The Kane would be doing seven years in a maximum security facility.

what do your families think about your Fringe show?

We haven't told our families we're doing the festival. Harvey is embarrassed, Garvey's family wouldn't approve, and The Kane was raised by wolves.

How do you prepare for a show?

Vocal warm-ups, pre-show poos, and the consumption of litres of energy drinks.

What's been your craziest on-stage experience?

The Kane actually genuinely fell asleep, standing up, onstage. Harvey and Garvey can't compete with that.

How do you recover from a hefty heckle?

We don't recover. We take heckles very personally and we blame ourselves. Harvey is still reeling from a heavy sigh from an audience member in 1996.

What do you like about Scotland?

We love the fact that the country that invented the deep fried Mars bar also invented the telephone, the television, penicillin and the steam engine. Genius.

Garvey loves Edinburgh more than most because that's where he got together with, and then proposed to, his fiancé. He wants to live there when he grows up.

What's the most Scottish thing you've ever done?

Harvey and Garvey often enjoy a good Scotch, (Harvey, Talisker 10yr. Garvey, Laphroaig 18yr), and The Kane once went to a Proclaimers gig.

Who's the best Scottish comedian?

Frankie Boyle. All three of us agree on that.

What's your favourite joke? Q. What did the slug say to the snail? A."Big Issue, mate?"

Harvey, Garvey & The Kane make their Edinburgh debut at the Underbelly from 30th July - 24th August for tickets go to www.edfringe.com