Hello lovely Edinburgh, thanks for having me again. This year I'll be recommending some brilliant things for you to see at the fringe. Shows I've seen, places I've been and something else that rhymes with those first two.

I run a new material night in London every Monday. I get to see people putting ideas together, themes and brilliant routines at inception. I'm the midwife that hosts and cheers them along whilst they birth them publicly. So this won't be a 'Top 10' buzz feed style list of shows to see. The kind of thing that reduces art to a bit in High Fidelity. This isn't a 'Top 5 Edinburgh Shows To Break Up To' also I'm not including huge name comics who are doing 1 or 2 night stands and have already sold out. That to me is NOT what the 'spirit of the fringe' is. I'm not a journalist, I'm a comic and I know the difference between truly great and hype so let's crack on!

First up - Cray Cray Cabaret

Beth from Lovely Comedy has gone and flown a band in all the way from Nashville, Tennessee. They are phenomenal.....a lead singer with the voice that is straight out of a Deep South baptist church choir. A blind drummer who can play snare with one hand and double bass with the other and a top knot wearing harmonica player.  This super tight band are spliced up with anarchy from Phil Nichol, Bec Hill and various other stand up & cabaret performers throughout the run. I performed at the preview in London and throughly enjoyed it. This is where I will be hanging out when I don't have any other late shows

The Stand 11pm 6th-30th

Stuart Black

Comic/Philospher/Person who hates slashies. Stuart is one of the most brilliant comedic brains with real smarts and depth. He can mix silliness about feet with brutal poetry on the nature of dreams. He is under rated because he isn't on tv and didn't go to Cambridge. Those are two reasons why you should check him out. He is on the free fringe so there is the 3rd. Also he has stopped  taking his medication so who knows what will happen. 4 reasons. 4 reasons to see Stuart Black .

Stuart Black will perform Lemsips and Cigarettes at Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters on August 6-9, 11-16, 18-23 and 25-30.

Katherine Ryan

She is also not household name status yet but soon will be. She has already sold out - great for me as we are on at nearly the same time at The Stand. Her extra shows are at The Pleasance one has just been announced for 19th. I haven't seen the full show but bits and bobs that were brilliant. So this show will be funny, sassy and a little bit weird. Enjoy!

Katherine Ryan will perform Kathbum at Pleasance Courtyard on August 12-13 and 19.

Neil Henry

Neil is my old flat mate and he always had me in awe of his magical skills. For example ...Iike how he could make a tube of toothpaste disappear and never replace it. Or how he could turn a pack of cards into a lump of glass or mentally project a shopping list to me...one that included toothpaste. 

Neil is like bottled sunshine and if you hate him you probably can't be helped. This will be an awesome magic show for people of all ages. Don't forget to bring your toothpaste.

Neil Henry will perform his Magical Mindsquirm at Pleasance Dome on August 6-17 and 19-31.

Lou Sanders

I've seen bits of Lou's new show at Old Rope, it's absolutely bat shit but very funny. Highlights include a film pitch to Adrian Grenier and some passive/aggressive emails. If you like your comedy a bit undone and off the wall then go see Lou.

Lou Sanders will perform Excuse Me, You're Sitting On My Penis Again at Laughing Horse @ City Cafe on August 7-18 and 20-30.

Michael Che

I've gigged with Michael in New York and he has a great mind. So many ideas packed into his stand up. He has plenty to say on America, gentrification, race and print cartridges. Every time he does a late night tv slot he knocks it out of the park. Also SNL!!! I haven't seen him over an hour but I intend to this fringe.

Michael Che will perform Six Stars at The Stand Comedy Club from August 6-20.

Tiff Stevenson will perform Mad Man at The Stand Comedy Club on August 6-16 and 18-29.