Ian Rankin, Scotland's leading crime writer, nominates his 10 favourite Scottish bands for HeraldScotland.com, in the first of a new series.

The creator of Inspector Rebus has long been known for his discerning music taste as the list, which comes with Rankin's own commentary, highlights.

In the coming weeks and months we'll be asking other notable figures to identify their Top 10 Scottish bands.

And we want to know what you think - do you agree with Rankin's placing of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band at number one? Tell us in the Comments section at the bottom of this article. 

1. Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A really tight and inventive group led by a charismatic showman. When I was 14, I bought the stripy shirt.

Video: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band play Next live at the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973

2. The Skids

They came along at just the right time for me. I was 16 and two years below Stuart Adamson at Beath Senior High. Used to go see them most Sunday nights at the Station Hotel's punk club in Kirkcaldy.

3. Jesus and Mary Chain

Properly chippy, properly maverick, properly rock n roll. Their first album blew the competition apart.

4. Cocteau Twins

Gorgeously otherworldly sounds from the Blade Runner badlands of Grangemouth. Soundscapes to lose yourself in.

5. Nazareth

Before Dunfermline had The Skids, it begat these hairy greasers. Fine 70s hard rock fit for miners and dockyard workers. 

6. John Martyn

Let's not argue over how 'Scottish' he was, and yes, he's solo artist rather than band, but with Solid Air he made one of my 3 favourite albums of all time, so here he is.

7. Jackie Leven

See above! Though Jackie was in the band Doll by Doll. As a singer-songwriter he was exquisite, a troubadour with guts as well as romance.

8. Mogwai

So many great bands around right now, but it's hard to beat Mogwai. The furious early instrumentals are now joined by softer interludes and even occasional vocals, but in concert they still shake masonry free.

9. Belle and Sebastian

Catchy melodies and clever word play. That they hail from the same city as Mogwai shows the range and depth of the current Scottish music scene.

10. Boards of Canada

Woozy electronica from hermit-like two-piece whose albums are often playing while I write my novels. 

With apologies to the dozens of artists who merit a place on this list...  

Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin is out on Thursday November 4 on Orion