The girls’ camp bumped into the boys’ camp on the Island – and for some (both islanders AND viewers) it was a recipe for disaster.

First off, chef Elliot equated being aggressive with being successful and explained that’s why men dominate the top of his profession.

elliot talking to alice on the islandOh Elliot, if only the women knew what you’d said … (Screengrab/Channel 4)

Then insurance manager Simon commented that men would do better on the island than ‘any standard woman’.

And, as you might imagine, viewers commenting on Twitter were not best impressed.

They wanted to send a *gentle reminder* – it’s 2016, guys.

But they did take some joy from the fact that the women were actually doing very well without them.

Then the attention turned to two women in particular – Erika and Hannah.

erika streaking across the stadium and being escorted by policeErika’s famous moment (PA)

Viewers were stunned to find out that Erika was the Erika Roe – the infamous topless streaker at Twickenham from the 80s.

And their love for her grew even more as she refused to be bossed around by the male newcomers and just did her own thing without any fuss.

And then there was inspiring army veteran Hannah, who lost her leg in Iraq and who was being just brilliant at absolutely everything, from fishing to keeping up morale in the new male/female dynamic.

hannah walking on the islandHannah being a boss (Screengrab/Channel 4)

But there was an insanely loud and scary storm one night that triggered the effects of her PTSD.

She spent the next day in total agony suffering from phantom leg pain – a psychological pain which she described as feeling as though her amputated leg is still there.

hannah crying to doctors as she is taken off the islandThe PTSD got too much for Hannah (Screengrab/Channel 4)

There was nothing the doctors and their antibiotics could do since it was an issue of mental health – and so Hannah was forced to make the decision to leave the island.

The islanders and the viewers at home were gutted – but they all gave her their full support.

Clearly watching at home, she tweeted out an inspirational quote which summed her up perfectly.

Speaking of summing up in one tweet…