Angry viewers slammed Countryfile for encouraging viewers to chose veal for their BBQ this summer, despite controversy over production methods.

Veal is the meat of young male calves, most commonly from dairy breeds and thus unable to produce milk, but the industry has suffered from a poor reputation for animal welfare and ethical concerns.

Countryfile's Matt Baker picked rose veal for the show's summer BBQ (BBC)Countryfile’s Matt Baker picked rose veal for the show’s summer BBQ (BBC)

In the show’s Summer Special on Sunday, host Matt Baker met with “Welsh queens of American BBQ” Samantha Evans and Shauna Guinn, who suggested viewers pick rose veal for the grill this year.

They visited Hopkin Evans at Marcross Farm in the Vale of Glamorgan who raises “high welfare veal”, with calves killed at between six and nine months.

“It’s an untapped resources and if you’re drinking milk, you should be eating veal, because these cows have no real purpose other than veal,” Hopkin said.

Some viewers agreed with Hopkin.

But his comments angered lots of animal lovers.

A BBC spokeswoman said: ”Countryfile deals with all aspects of farming in a balanced and impartial way.

“The programme was clear that the meat featured was ‘Rose veal’, which is produced humanely from calves that are raised in line with approved UK animal welfare standards.”