The Moscow Boys talks about their new show.

1 Tell us about your Fringe show

Our idea is to tell the stories via music, to make the music a story-telling instrument. But we wanted to go a bit further and added dancing and eccentric tricks to these stories.

We love it so much, because it is interesting to us too - every well-known piece of music is a whole new world that can be explored and combined with other worlds. You can say that Moscow Boys - our Fringe show - is an ode of love to music.

2 How does it feel to be playing the Fringe for the first time?

It sure is a lot of fun. The public here is wonderful and supportive. It's a huge energy infusion for us.

3 Live act most looking forward to seeing at Fringe?

There are several things we want to see - Lithuanian performance "Under Ice", Korean and Japanese drummers, we heard a lot about "Pss pss" and "A simple space".

4 If you were not a performer/comedian what would you be doing?

We always wanted to be a part of the theatre world and all of us are here because we love it. So it's hard to imagine anything else.

5 How do you combat pre-gig nerves?

We have been rehearsing and inventing the show for quite some time. So we all know what to do. The key to success is in preparation.

6 Worst on stage experience?

We are a musical team so the worst that could happen is when a string or a fiddlestick breaks. It doesn't happen often, but it was exactly the case on our opening night on the Fringe! Luckily, we are prepared for such things, so the guys improvised a bit while the instrument was changed and it seems no-one even knew what happened.

7 How do you recover from a hefty heckle? Do you have a set of stock replies?

We have no words in our performance, so we don't have such a problem at all.

8 What do you love about Scotland?

Beautiful nature and Scots sincere love for their Motherland. That's what you share with us, Russians.

9 What do you like about Edinburgh?

A stunning combination of powerful gothic architecture and green pastures, flowers and plants. It blows our minds.

10 What’s the most Scottish thing you’ve done?

Bought a collie.

11 Who’s your favourite Scottish comedian?

Well, the first name to come to mind is Sir Sean Connery. He is brilliant.

12 Favourite joke?

Lots of them. The favourite one is too big to fit in. Maybe we'll tell it sometime later.

13 Favourite Scottish food/drink?

We won't be very original here - of course it's whisky

Moscow Boys runs at Zoo Southside until August 29.