Brotherhood (15)

one star

Dir: Noel Clarke

With: Noel Clarke, Cornell John

Runtime: 105 minutes

NOEL Clarke says this will be the third and final part of a series of films which began with Kidulthood in 2006 and Adulthood two years later. Thank goodness for that. Kidulthood was a familiar tale of kids struggling to break free of gang culture, poverty, and other inner city woes, but it had freshness and vitality. A decade on, and Clarke’s picture plays like some geezer flick from the Seventies - all Mr Big crime lords coming after the little guys, with the only women around either madonnas, whores, or girl gang members. If you think the acting is dodgy, wait till the dialogue gets going.

Sausage Party (15)

three stars

Dirs: Greg Tiernan,Conrad Vernon

Voices: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig

Runtime: 89 minutes

DO not make the mistake of merely glancing at the posters and thinking Sausage Party is a jaunty animated comedy for all the family. It is instead a spectacularly rude affair that makes Team America seem tame. With Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig and James Franco on voice duties, the picture is set in a supermarket in which the produce dreams of being chosen to go into the trolley and onwards to the paradise that is “The Great Beyond”. But what really lies behind those sliding doors? As a religious satire, Sausage Party is about as subtle as crucifixion and it goes way too far, but the odd line is a zinger.