Critic's Choice

Bohun Gallery



February 4 to 27

CLARE Henry will be a familiar name to long-term readers of The Herald's arts pages. For over 20 years, she wrote about the visual arts in the days when this newspaper was known as The Glasgow Herald and only existed in print form.

Among the artists she championed were the so-called New Glasgow Boys (a term she coined, I believe), who counted Adrian Wiszniewski among their number.

Wiszniewski is included in a new exhibition featuring nine Scottish artists selected by Henry at the Bohun Gallery in Henley-on-Thames.

The other artists are Rosemary Beaton, Philip Braham, Bronwen Sleigh, June Carey, Andy Scott, Damian Henry, Christine McArthur and Yedidya Hershberg.

Henry, who now divides her time between New York and Scotland, explains: "Almost 30 years ago I selected my first Bohun Critic's Choice exhibition. Many of those artists went on to great award winning success and recognition. Now I have a foothold in the USA, I enjoy the benefit of a totally international perspective. It hasn't changed my opinion that Scottish artists are among the best.

"Today my choice is as varied as ever. I've known many of these artists for years, watching them develop from students to professionals, some becoming art school lecturers themselves. Their work has energy, vivacity, joy and colour. All much needed in today's unsettled times. All these artists demonstrate a capacity to celebrate our world from a unique and intriguing viewpoint. That is the glory of art."

Amen to that.