Here is a playlist of the essential 100 tunes to come out of Scotland.

This best of Scottish soundtrack for 2017 is an eclectic adventure into hip hop, alternative, dance, house, electronica, indie, punk, post-grunge, post-rock and nu-folk.

This 100 has been whittled down from my not very shortlist of 300.    You should find the famous, the little known, and some cracking hidden music gems. 

Part 3 - 50-26

50  Bad Mannequins - Under The Glass

A swaggering riffola tower of scrumptuousness from the Glasgow shouty garage popsters

49  Sam Gellaitry - Boost

Stirling producer conjures up an oriental opening before switching to hyperspace electro.

48​  Leonidas & Hobbes - Web Of Intrigue

Coming in part out of Edinburgh, the producer duo create an eclectic nu-disco shuffler that comes over like a James Bond theme that you can dance to.

47 Callum Beattie - We Are Stars

In which the Edinburgh born singer-songwriter shows Coldplay-esque anthem ambitions. It's simply a corking tune.

46  Illyus & Barrientos - Let's Go

Glasgow's fine house merchants @IllyandBarri bring the party with a trance-y epic.

45 Mogwai - Crossing The Road Material

A bunch of ordinary looking Scotsmen make massively layered soft-loud-soft post-rock pop from another galaxy. There was no doubt Mogwai could still cut it in 2017

44 The Modern Institute - Destroy Logic

Glasgow audio manglers create a claustrophobic FX synth-heavy cut of Cabaret Voltaire proportions

43  Proc Fiskal ft Polonis - Milk and Biscuits

Now i'm going to make a nice cup of tea", is the prelude to a stunningly grimey electro bleep symphony by producers from Edinburgh and Greenock.

42  Bluebirds - Subcultural Love

The menacing brilliance of this Glasgow-Edinburgh psyche-industrial punk combo is revealed in all it's clattering finesse. "We need to see some more skin".

41  Foreignfox - Bonfire

A bewitchingly passionate five-and-a-half minutes from the Dunfermline five-piece alt-rock band who don't mind the oft forsaken trumpet.

40  Baby Strange - Play Me

Glasgow's Baby Strange on top form in this ferocious pop-punk anthem.

39  Turtle - Fabric

The Glasgow producer conjured up echoes of My Bloody Valentine in a contagious and mesmerizing electro cut from one of the albums of the year, Human.

38  The New Fabian Society - F.U.K

Powerful psyche-punk from one of Glasgow's most superunknowns.

37  Faex Optim - Saltire Court Inaccuracy

Edinburgh post-electro producer with an atmospherically textured, broken breaks and vox gem that reaches for the Boards of Canada stars.

36  Babe - Realistic

A potent balearic house chorus turn this elegantly crafted electro paen from falsetto-loving Glasgow-founded Babe into a triumph.

35  The Jesus And Mary Chain ‎– All Things Pass

They are one of the most influential rock bands and Damage and Joy showed there's raucous life in the 50-somethings yet.

34 Sacred Paws - Nothing

The afro-pop stylings of the Glasgow band are never so potent than on this.

33  Mogwai - Party In The Dark

Famed for their post-rock instrumentals, Mogwai went for a full blown art-pop sing-along. And boy does it work.

32   SkjØr - Self Control

Stunning debut single from Edinburgh-based indie quartet featuring an almighty Orange Juice-esque guitar riff.

31  Young Fathers ft Leith Congregational Choir - Only God Knows

The director of T2 Trainspotting said this gospel-tinged hip hop cut was "the heartbeat of the film".

30 Jacuzzi General ft Maïlys Pno - Pleasure

Edinburgh-based Jacuzzi General is pleasure.

29 Turtle - Rivers

A beautifully glowing shoegaze-y electro symphony from utopian Glasgow producer Turtle aka Jon Cooper.

28 Ava Love - Chophouse

Edinburgh five-piece with a stimulating collision of 80s pop and art rock.

27 Frauen - Unreal City

Rampantly angular guitars swarm all over this euphoric chest-punching title track from the Glasgow emo combo's debut album.

26 Us - My Heart's Desire

Andrew Montgomery, the voice of Scots 90s indie combo Geneva went to Sweden to form this chilling electro band and this heady synth opus.

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