Here is a playlist of the essential 100 tunes to come out of Scotland.

This best of Scottish soundtrack for 2017 is an eclectic adventure into hip hop, alternative, dance, house, electronica, indie, punk, post-grunge, post-rock and nu-folk.

This 100 has been whittled down from my not very shortlist of 300.    You should find the famous, the little known, and some cracking hidden music gems. 

Part 4 - 25 - 1

25  Misc. Meat - Find Another Hole

Glasgow punks with a fascinating Undertones-esque guitar pop gem.

24  Babe - Wisteria

Quirky Glasgow-based synth combo provide the best scenario in this falsetto-tinged art-pop nugget.

23​  The Jesus & Mary Chain - War On Peace

After a near 20-year absence Scots indie legends returned to find others were nodding in their direction.

22 Blanck Mass - Please

The Edinburgh half of acclaimed electro-drone band F*** Buttons shows his bite on this powerful electro cut from his solo debut World Eater.

=21  Shards - Headland

A fifth single from the Scots melancholitronica duo and their best.

=21 Declan Welsh and The Decadent West - Nazi Boys

A feisty anthem from the East Kilbride politi-pop combo where the is-it isn't-it ambiguously contentious message overrides the fact this is cutting guitar thrash rock with attitude.

20 The Great Albatross - An Evening

A dramatic fire and brimstone five minutes from the rather splendid Glasgow vs California indie-folk combo.

19  Auntie Flo - Somagwanza (Beating Heart)

Scotland-based house producer samples recordings originally made in 1950s South Africa to enchanting effect.

18  Sega Bodega ft Shygirl​ - CC

The perfect grimy trip for flu season from the Scots producer. Cough cough cough cough.

17  Stephen Solo - Internet Song

Glasgow DIY indie popster with a hilarious but addictive lo-fi Kraftwerk-aping ode with outrageous German accent & rhythm section that can easily pass for Trio's Da Da Da. "Feels like i'm glowing when you're downloading".

16  The Animal Mothers - I Am Distortion

This rare over-three minute jam from Glasgow-Falkirk garage punks is an amped-up riotous screamer.

15  The Wild Places - This Is How

Breakup tale married to a simple-is-good guitar assault of Bloc Party vs early Radiohead proportions from the debut EP by the Glasgow alt-rock combo.

14  Zed Penguin - Wandering

A properly recorded and newly released jaw-dropping oldie from the Edinburgh weirdo rockers. It never felt so apt to give a "lahooooooooow" wolf howl.

13  Blanck Mass - The Rat

It's A Small World After All was never this heavy. The Edinburgh half of acclaimed electro-drone band F*** Buttons deadpans in the vid, and explodes with the music.

=12  Bluebirds - I Fell In Love With A Call Girl

A gloriously gothic collision of Bauhaus, Nick Cave and Tindersticks by the dark Scots combo. Don't ask them their names.

=12  ONR - In Five Years Time

This Dumfries indie-electro combo may be a mystery to some.. but this politically charged track with soaring hooks is the brainchild of songwriter Robert Shields who fronted Finding Albert (touted in past years here).

11 Callum Easter - Promises

Dark and sparse electro-soul punk beaut from the Edinburgh songwriter-producer's mini-album Delete Forever.

=10  Young Fathers - Lord

First taster of the Mercury Prize-winning alt-hip hop combo's forthcoming third album reveals a gospel-influenced direction. Maybe.

=10   Broken Records - They Won't Ever Leave Us Alone

Edinburgh's Broken Records celebrate their tenth anniversary with a rousingly monumental guitars-crashing epic that's like Bruce Springsteen force fed Arcade Fire & will have you singing "they won't ever leave us alone" a lot.

9  The New Fabian Society - Choke

A ferocious Killing Joke-esque bass-driven convulsion from an under-estimated and unsettling Scots psyche band.

Neon Waltz - Heavy Heartless

A murderously infectious anthem which makes like an Oasis vs The Verve amalgam, from Strange Hymns the debut LP from the star-reaching Scots indie-popsters.

The Sexual Objects - Sometimes (Boards of Canada Remix)

The genius of Boards Of Canada returned in 2017 albeit in an inspired deftly-constructed remix of a Sexual Objects tune which conjures up echoes of prime Polyphonic Spree. It ends far too soon.

6  Megalomatic - A Yellow Car, A Golden Chariot

In which the Glasgow progressive-metal combo fashion an intelligently formed skyscrapingly rifftastic monster that primally explodes in all directions.

Meursault - Klopfgeist

The Neil Pennycook band vehicle spares the theatrics and reveals his quirky alt-folk inspiration again on the atmospheric first single from a long-awaited comeback album I Will Kill Again. It's not like Sinatra. At all.

 The Jesus and Mary Chain - Get On Home

The majestic Mary Chain in full-on feedback-FX-noise-blues mode complete with guns, LSD, MTV, evil, God, all the usual in other words, from a splendid comeback LP.

Blanck Mass - Rhesus Negative

Edinburgh's Ben Power from F*** Buttons with a heartstoppingly brutal electro-sonic wall of fragmented melody, opera, and white noise. It'll burst your bass bins I'm telling you.

Django Django - In Your Beat

A genre-bending addictive pop anthem with their signature Beach Boys harmony sucker punch confirms the Djangos as not just the best of Scottish, but one of the world's most exciting bands. 

1  Django Django - Tic Tac Toe

The only two Djangos tunes of the year released in advance of their January LP cannot really be split but this just edges it.  This is an earworm arty surf pop tune to shout "here we f***ing go" to.

"Will we do it all again, every day?" I hope so. My five-year-old son Ben, who is listening has just told me. "Put that back on."

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