McGonagall’s Chronicles

Oran Mor, Glasgow

Mary Brennan, five stars

OH for a muse of fire – or even just a flicker of flaming inspiration/ so as I could articulate to the entire nation/ what is currently in store/ at Oran Mor./

But sadly I just haven’t got anywhere enough time/ to emulate the bravura feat in rhyme/ accomplished in honour of William McGonagall by Gary McNair./ It’s no’ fair...

It is, however, thanks to him and his talented accomplices on-stage, a rerr terr/ You would be advised to get your tickets now before there are nae mair...left./ You would then be sorely bereft/

And missing out on a clever, pun-tastic and hilarious show that is impressively witty/ But also does not short-change the poverty, the disappointments and abuse that we finally feel was an awful pity/

Not just because McGonagall really suffered for his art, but because he had the dreams and spirit of a 19th century Walter Mitty. Our world be much sadder and much duller/ Without the folk who live, think, breathe in technicolour./

At which point – deadlines pressing – my verses shrivel./ Apologies to those who feel that instead of a reasoned review that they’ve got drivel/

But that’s the thing, McNair has been exploring: just what IS it that we assess as art? / And who do we consider worthy to to fill the part/ of poet, actor, musician or director?

I doubt if anywhere you’d find a creative team that’s better/ than this./ McNair, Brian James O’Sullivan and Simon Liddell directed by Joe Douglas – are pure bliss/ especially when they take the... far-fetched puns to extremes in a show/ that’s presented in association with the Traverse and is there next week. GO!