Unicorn Store (15) **

IN her directorial debut, Oscar-winner Brie Larson (Room) stars as Kit, a young woman who has never given up her childhood love of rainbows and unicorns and all things sparkly. Kicked out of art school and feeling a failure, the world seems a harsh place to Kit, until she gets the offer of a unicorn from her very own fairy godfather (Samuel L Jackson, one of several famous faces turning out for Larson). A comedy drama that treads the line between kooky and irritatingly silly and winds up on the wrong side.

Today, 20.35, Cineworld Fountain Park


ROLL up, roll up and get yir genuine Scottish zombie musical. You may wonder why anyone bothered, given the perfectly fine job Shaun of the Dead did with the same idea, but this one has X-Factor style ballads instead of pop songs, with all the earache that suggests. The cast are a pleasant enough bunch but the film is tonally all over the place, being too violent for laughs and not funny enough to raise more than a smile.

Tonight, 23.05, Filmhouse

Hearts Beat Loud (15) ****

NOW Brett Haley’s blend of music and film shows how it should be done. Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) and Kiersey Clemons are a father and daughter. Dad believes that the family that jams together stays together, but is it cool to be in a band with your old man? The way all concerned tell it, yes, Sweet, lowdown, and plays out beautifully. In musician and actor Clemons a genuine star is born.

Today, 15.25, Odeon Lothian Road

Dirt Road to Lafayette (15) ***

JAMES Kelman’s idea for a screenplay took so long to get to the screen it became a novel in the meantime. Dirt Road to Lafayette is the story of a bereaved father and son (David O’Hara and newcomer Neil Sutcliffe), who have the chance to reconnect on a trip to America, but can they take it? Kelman’s minimal plot/stream of consciousness style, which works so brilliantly on the page, is not enough to fuel a film badly in need of more meat on its bones. ALISON ROWAT