Gingzilla: Glamonster vs the World is on at Assembly George Square Theatre - The Bubble, during August. 

  • Tell us about your Fringe show

GINGZILLA: Glamonster Vs The World is a 1950s drive-In movie experience.

The ‘origin' story of GINGZILLA. An outrageous journey of self discovery punctuated by Broadway-ready singing, hilarious lip-syncs, the longest legs you’ve ever seen, a huge ginger beard… and a few X-rated dairy products. Through parodies of 1950s gender roles think I Love Lucy and creature feature movies like Godzilla, King Kong, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, the demure and downtrodden housewife finds her inner Glamonster and becomes her true self: GINGZILLA! The show pokes fun at outdated ideas, and celebrates monstrous self expression!

  • How does it feel to be playing the Fringe for the first time?

Well CHUFFED, DAUTED and PUMPED UP. I am super excited. I have even started a fitness regime (I say “started"…) to battle with the Edinburgh hills I will be dragging myself and my alter ego up and down. Those cobbles streets better get ready for my 7" heels.

  • Why did you decide to perform at the Fringe?

Edinburgh Fringe is the Mecca for performing artists.

Where else in the world can you weeping at a piece of theatre that breaks your heart, then an hour later roaring with laughter at a dancing plastic Tesco bag?

  • If you were not a performer what would you be doing?

Making breakfast, it is my true passion in life. Australian Breakfast is a phenomenon that the world needs to experience. Yes it is just your basic eggs and bacon… but it is soooooo much more. Next year I'm pitching a cooking show.

  • How do you prepare for a performance?

An hour in the makeup chair: I make that sound fancy… basically anywhere there is a reflective surface and somewhere she can perch. 5 layers of spanks, 4 jelly bar inserts, 3 pairs of tights, 2 tucked testicles and 1 shot of whiskey.

  • Best/worst advice you’ve been given ahead of your debut show?

Best: BE LOVE, SEE LOVE. Audiences are there to love you and what you do. If you show them the same generous spirit they are yours.

Worst: Picture everyone NAKED.... I am a champion for "Embrace The Paste" but I don't won't to be blinded by those Scottish Lilly Whites.

  • Favourite thing about being in Edinburgh?

Stairs, hills and inclines..... This padded ass of mine has never been so perky after leaving a Fringe. GINGZ TOP picks for a booty that is tight and right: The Arthur's Seat Bum Blast, The Royal Mile Shimmy and Shuffle and The Waverley Station "S#%T, I've missed my train to London Sprint"

  • What’s the most Scottish thing you’ve done?

His name was Alastair, 5'10, dark hair and blue eyes. I'll keep it PG13.

  • Favouite Scottish food/drink?

SHORTBREAD!!!! Big shout out to Pinnies and Poppyseeds on St Mary Street!!! BRING BACK THE BACON DONUT.

  • Sum up your show in three words

Gut-Busting, Bloodcurdling Hilarity.

Show summary

Gingzilla: Glamonster vs the World presents gender equality and femininity from the 1950s to now. 

Gingzilla: Glamonster vs the World is on at Assembly George Square Theatre - The Bubble, during August. For tickets, please visit