We Are All


With their eighth album, the Scandinavian-English combo Phronesis re-confirm their status as one of the most consistently creative piano trios in world jazz and show that, after thirteen years together, they are still moving forward and searching out new ways of presenting music in one of the most prevalent of instrumental jazz formats.

All three musicians contribute to the writing, and in separate projects each has presented a strong individual composing style, yet there’s a very definite Phronesis sound in all six of these tracks as they merge classical influences, restlessly tease out musical detail, play with fidgety energy or just groove with a relaxed fluency.

The precise punctuation on the opening One for Us is classic Phronesis, as are the interplay between Ivo Neame’s urgent piano, Jasper Hoiby’s vaulting basslines and Anton Eger’s bright, crackling drumming and cymbal clarity, and the dark menace of Emerald Horsehoe and the ominous, bowed bass and keyboard moodiness of The Edge contrast superbly with Breathless’s optimistic flow.

The Tree Did Not Die, with its morse code-like ostinato and shaded electronica, emphasizes the trio’s constant quest for new sounds and points towards the next chapter in a fascinating story.

Rob Adams