Steven Worbey

Sailing into Venice, San Francisco and Bora Bora on a cruise ship is unbelievable. We've had some amazing opportunities like travelling to Antarctica where we stood beside king penguins. In Papua New Guinea we watched a volcano erupt, we crashed into ice in the North Pole, and were even left behind in Madagascar and spent the night with the locals in a makeshift bar.

Kevin and I have made incredible memories and have been to the furthest corners of the world. We could have a call asking us to fly out the following afternoon to the other side of the world; we never know where we'll find ourselves next.

We've been working together since together 2003, but we first met in the 1980s at The Royal College when we were both studying piano performance. We are one entity on the piano, we swap our hands over, change positions and even use the sides of the piano to make it different. We share the same sense of humour, passion, and creativity which makes us suit well as a duo.

The best part about performing together is that I never get lonely. Sometimes performers only do one performance in ten days and although it's a glamorous job, it can be quite depressing. Solo performers often find themselves sitting around most of the time. However, Kevin and I get on incredibly well and we're always having fun and going to parties.

Kevin Farrell

One of the best parts about working as a double act is that when things go wrong, at least we can blame each other. No matter what happens, we are very supportive of each other and have cherished our friendship which makes me doubt that we'll ever fall out.

We were first told when we entered the business that we have to look after each other. I'm very aware that our lifestyle could be easily taken away from us, therefore I never take it for granted and appreciate every opportunity that comes our way.

Cruise ship entertainment used to get a bad name which hugely contrasts with the way it is now. Today cruises have state of the art theatre and performers onboard like Andrew Lloyd Webber.

We were like children in a sweetie shop when we first had the opportunity to perform on them. I hadn't travelled much at the time, but after five or six years this career allowed me to visit 147 different countries. We go on the cruises as passengers and are treated like royalty and paid well for it.

I would have never believed it if I knew that we would be travelling and working hard. We initially didn't know how it was going to turn out, but we knew that we were in the right place at the right time. Something drove us forwards and steered us in the right direction.

If I had to give advice to other performers, I would say never narrow your horizons. We are currently recording music for Usher Hall and then we are going to New York for the transatlantic Queen Mary 2 performance which starts in New York and ends in Southhampton.

Worbey and Farrell will be performing at Usher Hall, Edinburgh, on November 29. Visit