Here is a playlist of the essential 100 (or so) tunes to come out of Scotland.

This best of Scottish soundtrack for 2018 is an eclectic  and subjective journey into hip hop, alternative, dance, house, electronica, indie, punk, post-grunge, post-rock, nu and old folk and often a combination of some or all. 

It's a mix of the known, little known and the unknown, immediate pop anthems and challenging left-field projects.

The final list painstakingly compiled over the year was whittled down from a not very shortlist of 350.

Part 3- 50-26

50 Django Django - Marble Skies

The earworm title track from the third studio album by the Edinburgh art rockers. The album reached number 25 on the UK Albums Chart in January 2018.

49 Sweaty Palms - The Illusionist

The exciting Glasgow garage-y post punks say the title of this dark beauty was inspired by the Norman, the Illusionist which they describe as "Kelvingrove’s finest". It may be a wind up.

48 Kathryn Joseph - From When I Wake The Wants Is

The swooping title track from the second full-length release from the award-winning Scottish singer-songwriter creates, like the album, a wider sonic tapestry from the simple piano and vocal approach.

=47 Blanck Mass - Sh*t Luck

A mighty wall of guitars and drone electronics drives this experimental face-melting symphony incorporating black metal and part hardcore punk symphony from one of the thrilling electro-based artists around aka Edinburgh's Benjamin John Power, one of the founding members of F**k Buttons.

=47 Zoe Bestel - Blankets In Iceland

By complete contrast, this 20-year-old Galloway-based singer-songwriter with a ukelele-bent and a heart-melting voice creates a bittersweet but nevertheless spellbinding paen to a relationship that never happened from the album Transcience.

46 Chvrches - Get Out

The now 'mainstream' Glasgow synth pop combo appear to be too popular to get on certain 'best album' lists with their third outing Love is Dead but there is no getting away from the sheer addictiveness of their best tunes. This is most definitely one.

45 Hank Tree - Now Your Colours Sing

The Glasgow alt-folk combo led by ex State Broadcasters' Fergus MacDonald with a gorgeous outsider anthem from their first EP ably assisted by a Chile producer and record label and a video using footage from the little known 1985 Hungarian movie Naerata Ometi about a girl who struggles with first love and bullying in a Soviet orphanage.

44 Mother Night- The Shaman

A sparklingly off-kilter three-and-a-half minutes mixing synth pop, noise rock and psychedelia with hints of MGMT and Klaxons from a new three-piece from the Isle of Lewis who describe what they do as "pagan pop". It is a first taster of a new album A Lifetime Of Uninhibited Pleasure, nine tracks of what they describe as pagan pop, which will be released in the new year.

43 ABillz - Antics

Neatly constructed and smooth as silk grime from this fresh young Edinburgh drill rapper.

42 Farzane Zamen - Forbidden Voices

The producer and singer-songwriter is the ultimate underground musician, as a censored voice from Iran who has taken flight musically while in artistic residency at the UK at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA‐Glasgow).

41 Meursault - Carry On Carrion

One of Scotland's most underrated artists, Edinburgh's Neil Pennycook followed up the corking 2017 album I Will Kill Again with a limited edition semi-official LP F*** Off Back To Art School & Other Stories, from which this is the gripping piano-led atmospheric highlight.

40 Zoe Graham - Industrial Strength

The Glasgow singer-songwriter develops quirky but charming folk-y stylings on this compelling gem. It needs a health warning that explains that once hear, you could end up singing,"For the love of god, where did I go wrong", at home and work.

39 The Motion Poets - A Girl Like This

The new Edinburgh indie-grunge quartet inject bits of blues, new wave and Britpop into one of their first compositions.

38 Gerry Cinnamon - She Is A Belter (GBX & Sparkos Remix)

The 33-year-old mini singing phenomenon and local hero from Castlemilk saw his shows at the Glasgow Barrowland and O2 Academy this sold out in minutes. The guitar-led original of this is given a ceiling punching singalong pop dance makeover with the help of DJ George Bowie that undeniably gets underneath your skin although with repeated listens admittedly might actually make your skin crawl. However, it is most definitely a belter.

37 Mogwai - We're Not Done

The closing track from their first proper feature film score for the movie Kin is out of step with most of their past output as a straight-ahead earworm 4m indie pop song although it features typically chiming guitars and a Joy Division-deep bass section Peter Hook would drool over.

36 Young Fathers - Border Girl

Where the award-winning Edinburgh combo combine their avant-garde approach with a dancefloor-friendly, bass-heavy, part chant part sung sensual gospel pop sensibility.

35 Laps - Who Me? (Any Ways Mix)

This tribal fusion of minimal electro, dub, house & trip-hop from the Glaswegian duo Alicia Matthews and Cassie Ezeji created a buzz in the US after it was Rihanna's personal selection for her New York Fashion Week show.

34 Nieves - Spirit

The Glasgow-based alt/indie folk band formed five years ago but have hit their stride on the ear-opening debut album Exist and Expire from which this is an anthemic highlight complete with choral oh-oh-oh sucker punch finale.

=33 Sega Bodega & Tash Tung - kisses 2 my phone

Glasgow-raised producer Salvador Naverrete's twists and deconstructs a Drake-like grime-y jam with some Burial-style atmosphere loops to dazzling effect. You may call it a banger.

=33 Luke La Volpe - Judging Books

A smokin' breast punching blues-infused epic from an exciting Bathgate young band.

32 Spare Snare - Photograph Me Properly

Dundee lo-fi legends and John Peel regulars reinvented themselves for a 13th album with the help of renown indie producer and Big Black front man Steve Albini who made sure they were looking and sounding excellent on this delightfully tongue-in-cheek gem. "No chins or lines".

31 SOPHIE - Immaterial

Bringing the experimental to electronic dance music, the Scots bred producer does not just riff on Madonna's Material Girl, she creates body lift surgery on it.

30 Slime City - Same Genes

In which the no-wave new Glasgow combo, that consist of three men called Michael, turn a song by The View into a discordant manic Devo-pop thrill monster. It's far more diverse and enthralling than the original.

29 Sly Roli ft Stxner Kid Easii - Cash

Young Glasgow producer and 20-year-old Larkhall hip hop newcomer aka YPSSKE create a sophisticated DIY (very) Rated R bump and grind monster on their Rolin' Stxne collaboration.

28 Toby Flynn - Vegas

Seventeen-year-old Toby Flynn from Nairn is a bit of a find. The producer, songwriter and singer has been making music since aged 13. This mimimalistic simple-is-good standout track from a promising debut outing Happy People on Late Night TV has an eloquently cutting wannabe sentiment.

27Tomskiii - #SingleMums

Hip hop is full of attitude. Elsewhere young rapper Tomskiii will be waving a bottle of Bucky while R Rating his way through the most R Rating of hoodie gang diss raps. So to produce a genuinely emotional love rhyme to your mum is hugely dangerous as it is easy to come over cringeworthy. But with a simple beat, a beautiful piano loop and emotionally honest rhymes, Tomskiii from Motherwell via Carnoustie in a song "dedicated to the women that make this world go round" shows he has more to give than just gangsta bravado.

26 Solid Blake - Contract

A brooding, twitchy techno-influenced concoction from the Glasgow-based and Copenhagen-raised producer that Cabaret Voltaire might have produced had they been born 28 years ago.

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