GLASGOW singer-songwriter aims to make a "louder noise" with a new album The Departure pencilled for release in May.

The Elgin-raised musician, last heard on last year's acclaimed album by Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert, Here Lies the Body, has bought a new guitar, the Baritone Gretsch which will feature heavily on her new album.

And it can be heard on the first taster from the album, Marry You, 'hymn to the power and pleasure of autonomy', which reveals a edgier, darker edge to her usual stripped down alt-folk episodes.


The talented cellist, who has played in jazz bands is making a return after the critical success of her 2017 album There Are No Saints.

One of the songs from the album, Paris Est Blanche featured in our end-of-year Top 100 Tunes from Scotland. It was a song that showed off her fascination with French culture amd prompted the artist to take one of her biggest steps – moving to France after she finished high school in Edinburgh.

In Paris, Siobhan began developing her songwriting skills, going to open mic nights and immersing herself in French musical tradition, which remains an important creative reference point to her to this day.

After she returned to Scotland, Siobhan’s work began garnering attention across the UK, and There Are No Saints was nominated for Scottish Album of the Year, eventually placing in the top ten.

Marry You explicitly deals with the subject of marriage proposals.

“I'm at an age where some of my female friends wonder, ‘When will he propose to me? What is he thinking?’" Wilson explains. “And I wrote a song that's like: you propose to him, you are allowed to do that now."

She said the song is an "anchor for the whole album sonically" because it is the first she created with her Baritone Gretsch - a guitar with six strings but the lowers string is a 5th lower to provide a deeper sound.

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"I bought this because I knew the sound of the guitar would cover a deeper and darker range, therefore compliment and leave space for my singing voice which is a higher range.

"I really wanted to right a song that people could either sway or nod to at gigs, exploring a much bigger sound. If the last album opened myself up by exposing my vulnerabilities, Marry You is opening myself up sonically and enjoying making louder noise."

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The Departure is out on Suffering Fools Records on 10th May 2019.

It was recorded at House of Suffering Fools, Edinburgh and the Bishopton home of Catholic Action's  Chris McCrory, who became Wilson's producer.