The Sisters Brothers****

Dir: Jacques Audiard

THE French director of A Prophet turns his hand to a good old fashioned western with highly engaging results. Joaquin Phoenix and John C Reilly are the brothers of the title, two hired guns who go where they are told by the mysterious Commodore. Sent after a chemist (Riz Ahmed) in possession of a potentially lucrative secret, the brothers find themselves in uncharted territory in every sense. Phoenix and Reilly make a dream double act.

Out April 5

The Vanishing***

Dir: Kristoffer Nyholm

STOP PRESS: GERARD BUTLER IN SHOCK RETURN TO ACTING. Yes, it is true. The Scot who earns the big bucks from such blockbusters as Olympus has Fallen puts his considerable acting chops on display in this based on a true story tale of three lighthouse keepers who sailed off to work and never came back. Peter Mullan and Connor Swindells make up the trio. Creaks in parts but atmospheric and gripping.

Out March 29

Dragged Across Concrete **

Dir: S Craig Zahler

STARRING Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn as a grizzled old cop and his younger partner, this is a grungy mash-up of crime drama and police procedural. After the pair are suspended for roughing up a suspect, Gibson’s character hatches a plan to get out from under. Extremely violent, punishingly long, and barely worth the effort save for a stand out turn from Tory Kittles as an ex-con.

Thunder Road****

Dir: Jim Cummings

JIM Cummings turns his award-winning short film about a police officer having an emotional meltdown into a full-length feature. Cummings is barely off the screen as Officer Jim Arnaud, one minute playing the tale as a modern day American tragedy, the next as a left-field comedy. A difficult balance to strike, but Cummings pulls it off.

Out May 3