This week saw the announcement of 2023’s Academy Award nominations. Among the headlines were the 14 nominations for Irish work, and a Best Actor category in which every actor was receiving their first ever nomination.

Tom Hanks has been nominated five times in that category, winning twice, but he failed to receive recognition from the Academy this time out.

He has, however, been nominated for three somewhat less prestigious awards in a Hollywood tradition that has proved even more controversial than usual this year.

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What's the Hollywood tradition?

The Golden Raspberry Awards, otherwise known as the Razzies. 

What do they involve?

Every year since 1981, between 650 and 1,100 Razzie members vote for the worst films, performances and directors from the past year. 

And the man who won Best Actor Oscars for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump is nominated?

Hanks is up for Worst Actor (Pinocchio) and Worst Supporting Actor (Elvis), as well as Worst Screen Couple for ‘Tom Hanks & His Latex-Laden Face (and Ludicrous Accent)’ in the Elvis biopic.

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Is that the controversy?

No. Ryan Kiera Armstrong has received a Worst Actress nomination for her performance in Stephen King adaptation Firestarter. 

Why the uproar?

She’s 12-years-old. 

Finally. It’s about time 1,100 adults stood up to one 12-year-old girl and shamed her for having the audacity to not yet have reached Cate Blanchett’s level.  

Surprisingly, not everyone sees it that way. Former child star Devon Sawa tweeted: “The Razzies are run by soulless people. That child could grow to be amazing if you haven’t gotten in their head.”

Have the Razzies attempted to justify the nomination?

Razzies co-founder John Wilson said there was debate as to whether Armstrong was old enough to be included, but called her an “experienced actress, even if she’s only 12.”

While insisting the backlash was “overblown”, he admitted: “the intent was to be funny. In this particular instance, we seem to have misstepped very badly.”

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Has anyone willingly accepted a Razzie?

A handful have attended the ceremony, most notably Halle Berry in 2005 and Sandra Bullock in 2010. Berry gave a self-deprecating speech after winning Worst Actress for her performance in Catwoman, holding the Razzie in one hand while holding the Academy Award she won for Monster’s Ball four years earlier in the other.

Bullock, meanwhile, collected the Worst Actress award for her All About Steve performance and then won a Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side the following night. 

Are the Razzie categories all negative?

No. The Razzie Redeemer award goes to those performers who have been nominated or won a Razzie then gone on to mount a comeback. Past winners have included Ben Affleck, Melissa McCarthy and Will Smith.

Did Will Smith do a Halle Berry and pick up his Razzie in person?

He didn’t, which is strange when you consider Smith is famous for being able to take a joke at awards ceremonies.