What’s the story?

Farewell to The Goldbergs.

Where are they off to?

The hit US comedy drama, which began in 2013, is bowing out after 10 series.

Remind me of the premise?

The Goldbergs are Adam (the geeky youngest sibling), Barry (the hot-headed middle child) and Erica (the rebellious eldest offspring) who live in a suburban town with their overbearing mother Beverly and long-suffering father Murray.

Centred on a 1980s retro-fest of pop culture from TV, film, music, video games, toys and fashion, the storylines are loosely based on the childhood of the show’s creator, the real-life Adam F. Goldberg.

A decade-long run?

Indeed. Some 229 episodes. Although many fans would agree that it has gone slightly off the boil in recent times, not least with the departure of two linchpins from the main cast. 

In 2021, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? star George Segal, whose role was as much-beloved grandfather Pops, died aged 87.

Later that year saw the sudden exit of Jeff Garlin, who played Murray, when the comedian and actor was written out following an investigation into alleged misconduct on the set.

What can we expect?

As the final series begins the sibling trio has moved home to be closer to their mother, bringing plenty of scope for calamity and chuckles.

When can I watch?

The Goldbergs, E4, Monday, 7.30pm.